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  • Do you commit to eating healthy and exercising, but struggle with sticking with your plan?

  • Do you desperately want to release the weight, but doubt your ability to make it happen?

  • Do you know how to diet and exercise, but can’t seem to bridge the gap between knowledge and action?

  • Do you suffer from nagging health issues, and feel like your body is somehow broken or betraying you?

  • Do you have a strong belief that you “should be” dieting and exercising, and judge yourself as “weak” for not just “doing it”?

Chances are, at least one of these sounds familiar.

Believe it or not, there is only 1 thing at the root of all of these.

Hi. I’m Hanna Goss and I figured out the hard way what is missing from every diet and exercise program you have ever tried.

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For 35 years I was caught in the rebound weight-gain cycle.

I lost and regained the same 30 pounds over and over again.

This painful process wasn’t because I didn’t know what to do.

I devoured books on nutrition and exercise and several times I got into incredible shape. I even ran a half-marathon.

Yet I couldn’t sustain it.

Ultimately there was a gap between knowing what to do . . . and permanently releasing the weight.

It took most of my life to figure out what was needed to bridge that gap.

It took so long because I thought it was about willpower.

If I was just strong enough or disciplined enough . . . then I would finally have the body I wanted.

Many women have this belief.

You may believe that being slim is about self-control.

In reality, that belief is only making your gap wider.

This is because that belief makes you feel flawed and weak—like you are somehow a failure.

There may be a part of you that believes you are somehow less worthy as a person because you cannot maintain your weight-loss.

Let me be clear.

Releasing weight is ultimately NOT about discipline or self-control.

The more you beat yourself up for being “weak” or a “failure,” the more you keep yourself stuck where you don’t want to be.

What is the secret that I uncovered that helped me bridge the gap between knowing what to do and lasting results?

The answer may surprise you.

It’s not about diet or exercise at all.

What’s at the heart of getting—and maintaining—the body you want is . . . self-love.

Self-love is at the core of everything!

You have to discover your true value and how fabulous you really are . . . first.

A lack of self-love can mean you subtly sabotage yourself by doing things like:

  • Holding back from fully committing to the action you know you need to take.

  • Constantly questioning—and therefore undermining—the diet and exercise program you are doing, thinking there might be something else that’s “better.”

  • Being self-critical. You say things to yourself you would never say to a friend.

  • Comparing yourself to others and feeling like you consistently come up short.

The answer you are seeking is to discover HOW to love yourself.

Because you . . . and almost every woman on the planet . . . were taught NOT to love yourself.

You were told that it wasn’t OK to like yourself, to fully express who you are, and to honor your needs.

And this is what is keeping you stuck with extra weight.

Taking on a diet and exercise program that is not rooted in self-love is why a significant majority of diets and exercise programs fail long-term.

For lasting results, you have to change your core thoughts and beliefs about who you are, what you deserve, and what you can achieve . . . along with eating healthy foods and moving your body.

Does that inspire or discourage you?

For many women, loving yourself feels harder than dieting and exercising.

You may even fear that loving yourself will be seen as selfish, conceited, or vain.

Here’s the truth.

Every single woman deserves her own love and respect.

It is only when you fully and completely love yourself that you create an unlimited source of love to give to others.

When you love yourself unconditionally, you are able to love others unconditionally, too.

“No matter what direction love is pointed—towards others or yourself—love is always good.”

~Christine Arylo

IMG_4009Loving yourself not only makes you feel vibrant, alive, and truly happy, but it attracts people, opportunities, and experiences that will bring even more love and happiness into your life.

But I’m not going to lie to you.

Learning to love yourself is simple . . . but it is not necessarily easy.

If it was overly easy, every woman would already love herself.

Louise Hay, one of my favorite spiritual teachers, tells women to just look in the mirror and tell yourself, “I love you.”

And while that is a powerful and life transforming exercise, many women can’t do it long enough to experience significant change.

To many women, that feels like a big fat lie.

But there is good news!

I can share with you the secrets of how to Love Your Way Slim!

By following my revolutionary process, you can finally harness the power of self-love to break the rebound weight-gain cycle—for good!

This is why I created . . .


Even if your goal is something besides releasing weight, this program will help you Love Your Way to success.

This ground-breaking program is about loving who (and where!) you are right now AND loving the person you are becoming.

It’s also about uncovering how you can love the weight-loss process itself—not just endure a diet or exercise program until you lose the weight.

Getting the body you want becomes so much easier when you recognize that there is life and fun and joy in the weight-loss journey . . . not just the end result.

During this body- and life-changing 6-month program you will:

  • Assess all 10 areas that make up self-love, and determine where you excel . . . and what areas we will work together to enhance.

  • Discover how “getting out of your head” and consciously connecting with your heart and body will lead to inspired weight-loss actions that you actually WANT to take.

  • Get crystal clear on your vision of the healthiest you AND get the support you need to follow the specific steps to make that vision a reality.

  • Get the structure and support you need to Love Your Way through the holidays.

  • Hone in on exactly what makes you feel energetic, vibrant, and alive and ensure you are fully capable of engaging in every part of your life.

It starts with your choice.

You must firmly decide to Love Your Way to lasting weight-loss.

Are you ready to live as the healthy, slim, and radiant woman you want to be?

Program begins Tuesday, October 15.

Here’s What You Get


Your Slim IQ

Uncover exactly how you’re unknowingly sabotaging your ability to be slim and sexy. (Plus find out what to do about it!) In just 60 minutes, you will completely revolutionize the way you think about losing weight. Includes a 20-minute scientifically proven online assessment and a 45-minute Coaching Session with Hanna. Register now to get crystal clear on how you can release the weight—for good!

Value = $250


Coaching with Hanna

Hanna is sought out for her laser like clarity, intuition, and transformative presence. She will help you stay on track to get the body you want, overcome fears, blocks, and obstacles, stay compassionately accountable, and celebrate you every step of the way!

Three 1:1 sessions a month.


Private VIP Day

Spend a personalized day with Hanna. She will tailor the experience to your needs and priorities, accelerating your results exponentially.

Value = $1,350


Free entrance to the Love Your Way Slim Support Group

Harvard researchers discovered that getting support increased weight loss results by 225 percent! This private Facebook support group for women only will help you:

  • Normalize the pain of weight loss—With support, you realize that everyone has cravings, gets frustrated by the numbers on the scale, and have moments of weakness. You are not a failure or a freak.
  • Cheer you on—Celebrating every sign of progress builds momentum towards successfully meeting your goals. Having your own personal cheerleading team to share with helps keep you motivated.
  • Boost morale—Having a group focused on the same goal to turn to when you are fighting a craving or to help you get back up if you do stumble is powerful. The only failure is not picking yourself back up and moving forward.
  • Problem solve—When you are focused on the problem, it can be almost impossible to see even obvious solutions. Having devoted allies on your side who can see the situation more objectively can help you brainstorm ways around any obstacles.
  • Stay focused on Why you want to release the weight—Staying focused on your heart-felt reasons Why you want to create the best possible version of you helps you see that the feeling of discouragement is not only temporary, but is worth moving through.
  • Hold you accountable—Get the support you need to follow through with what you say you are going to do.
  • Make the journey more fun—Going it alone makes it easier to get caught in the negative thought spiral going on in your head. Having support helps break the inner patterns so that achieving your wellness goals is more enjoyable.

Value = Priceless


4 Love Your Way Seminars

Power-packed seminars that will bring you the critical information you need to love yourself. (Plus unlimited access to the recordings.)

Value = $400


Group Coaching Calls

Tap into the power of sharing with other women seeking the same goal. With Hanna as your guide, you’ll discover the freedom in sharing and learning from each other.

Value = Priceless


Get Started Now!

Fill out the information below. Someone from my team will be in touch shortly. Space is LIMITED to only 5 women and I want to make sure you are a right fit for this group. If you fill out the form, you are under no obligation. It is saying, YES! I want to explore this opportunity.


It’s time to honor your greater truth that you are valuable, you are lovable, and you deserve to be loved.

By saying “YES!” to this program, you are making a claim for the body—and life—that is your birthright!

Together we can WILL do it!




Hanna Goss, CPC, ELI-MP

P.S. This program will help you create the new thoughts that will lead to new actions that will get you new results!

What People Are Saying About Working With Hanna

“For months I had struggled with myself over doing what I needed to do to lose weight and get back in shape. I knew what I needed and had every motivation in the world to do it, but I couldn’t break through my own inertia. So I turned to Hanna, who gently put me on a path that has worked for me. Since we first started working together 10 months ago, I’ve lost more than 40 pounds, taken six inches off my waist and have the physical ability and confidence to do everything I need to do. Hanna’s program works.”

G.C., South Carolina


“I started working with Hanna in January. I really had no idea what I was signing up for, but it’s been incredibly transformative; actually that’s not even an adequate word. I feel like I’m charting a course for the rest of my life. . . It really is a turning point in my life. . . I’m less sensitive to other people’s judgments of me. When I’m in a positive place, I’m not as tempted to betray my body by eating things that are not good for me. Since working with Hanna, I’ve lost 27 pounds! If someone was interested in doing work with Hanna, I would say, “Do it.”

Rebecca H., North Carolina


“Hanna brings her intelligence, intuition, and caring soul together when coaching. I feel very fortunate to have learned from her at a time in my life where I have big decisions to make and want to be my best and healthiest self while doing so. With her guidance, I am learning to step outside of my comfort zone by recognizing my own fears and limiting beliefs and then letting them go. Hanna has taught me strategies to live a more productive, joyous, and peaceful life and I am incredibly grateful.”

Laura K., Washington


Working with Hanna has been life transforming and changing for me. I know that it has brought me closer to where I want to be in my life and what I see for myself. I was thinking I was less than, that I had let myself go. I wasn’t happy where I was or the choices I made over the past few years. I now know I am worthy of everything I want. My body image is just fine where it is—it’s beautiful—and whatever I choose to do with it will be beautiful, too. And I can do it. If you have any thought that this could be for you, than it is for you and Hanna is the one to do it with.

Trish H., North Carolina


“Hanna is incredibly amazing at empowering you to find the love, the beauty, and the happiness that you deserve that is actually within yourself. If you want to change and transform your life and find those things, it’s a must to work with Hanna. In two months of working with Hanna, I’ve lost 12 pounds. . . I’ve moved into the freedom that I have a vision of myself to experience.”

Linda N., North Carolina

About Hanna

HG-049-facebookHanna empowers soul-centered women who have struggled with losing and regaining the same 30 pounds over and over again to be fabulous, slim, and sexy so that they live a healthy, vibrant, and fulfilling life that is meaningful to themselves and others.

She is passionate about helping women who are awakening to their true selves become confident in their choices and bodies so that they fall in love with who they are and the life they are living.

Hanna Goss is a nationally acclaimed coach, author, and speaker. As a Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Index-Master Practitioner, she is trained to listen and elicits solutions and strategies from you that will result in a customized approach to meet your individual needs. She provides personalized support during each step of your tailored action plan that will create successful and sustainable change.

Learn more about Hanna’s programs and services by visiting her website at